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2021-11-24 02:30:20 By : Mr. Majin Ma

Inglewood-Running back Austin Eckler said this week that the Chargers need to make counterattacks adjustments to get rid of their offensive fear.

The Chargers made adjustments to the Pittsburgh Steelers game on Sunday night, allowing wide receiver Mike Williams to participate in advance, switching on the third fall, quarterback Justin Herbert extended the game with his legs .

These adjustments benefited Ekeler, who had a total of four touchdowns in a 41-37 victory over the Steelers at SoFi Stadium. Eckler has 50 yards in 11 rushes, two touchdowns and 6 catches, 65 yard catches and two touchdowns.

Eckler hit his 21st career touchdown with a 10-yard catch in the second quarter, and hit his 22nd touchdown with a 17-yard catch in the third quarter. Eckler recorded a 6-yard rushing touchdown in the first quarter and a 5-yard rushing touchdown in the fourth quarter.

"He is a complete player," Lightning coach Brandon Starley said of Eckler. "I think this is what I like about this person. He is a complete player. He is a threat in running games, a threat in passing games, passing protection. He has real resilience. This is what we are trying to build In the way of this procedure, people like him are tough players like Jesse. He is like this. He has four touchdowns in NFL games, which is really difficult to achieve. This will help his fantasy ( Football team) Wait. He likes that very much."

The Chargers had only three rounds in the first half, but they used two touchdowns and a field goal to make them count. In the two teams' offensive burst, the Chargers had eight offenses in the second half.

The Chargers' offense entered Sunday, disappointing performance in three of the first four games. They stalled in the games against the Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots and Minnesota Vikings due to passing errors, lack of yardage after contact, and difficulty maintaining long distance passes.

Eckler assisted in offensive adjustments by allowing multiple Steelers guards to miss the second touchdown catch. The Chargers' total yardage against the Steelers reached a season-high 533 yards. Thin line of defense

Defensive tackle Linval Joseph was one of seven inactive players for the Chargers against the Steelers on Sunday night.

The Chargers have been struggling inside this season, but Joseph has done his part as an efficient pass rusher and base runner.

Defensive tackles Jerry Tillery and Christian Covington were also excluded because they are on the COVID-19 reserve team list. Justin Jones is the only starting defensive tackle for the Chargers against the Steelers.

The understaffed Chargers' defense included Steelers rookie running back Najee Harris reaching 39 yards and a touchdown. The Steelers have 55 yards in total. Crowd assessment

After the Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger found wide receiver Chase Claypool in the second quarter to complete 37 yards, many golden towels were waving at SoFi Stadium.

There may be more fans in the stands of the Steelers, but there are a lot of pink and blue jerseys to support the Chargers.

It's not like the unbalanced split of the Steelers and Chargers last time they faced off in Southern California. The Steelers defeated the Chargers at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson in 2019. Charger: Who has the advantage? Joey Bossa of the Chargers will face the Steelers, a milestone for QB Ben Roethlisberger Herbert

Herbert's career passing yards in the second quarter exceeded 7,000 yards. He is tied with Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner, becoming the second fastest player to reach this milestone in 25 professional games.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes passed the fastest 7,000 yards in 21 games of his career. Other matters needing attention

Chargers rookie cornerback Asante Samuel Jr. retired with a concussion in the fourth quarter. This is his second concussion this season. …

On Sunday night, the Chargers assistant offensive line coach Shaun Sarrett (Shaun Sarrett) was unable to coach due to a non-COVID illness.

Sarret has served as an assistant coach for the Steelers for the past nine seasons and as an offensive coach for the last two seasons. Newsroom guide News tips Contact us to report errors

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